Wednesday, January 24, 2007


God... don't you hate it when these people don't know when to back off!! Seriously give people room to breath...

There's no denying it even the most attractive people will turn BLEARGH when they start oozing desperate vibes. It's a definite turn off. Even desperate people don't go for other desperate people. Desperate just ain't rite!!

So you wanna know if you're desperate? Do you ever...

1. Hint off a relationship just after a few sms-es to somebody (and you haven't even met that person yet!!)?

2. Do you start posting up pictures of that person in your phone and computer just after a few phone calls?

3. Do you talk off a "connection" after a few conversations with a person?

If you say YES to even one of the questions then you are DEFINITELY desperate!! So cool it! Desperation will only achieve one thing... all your potential dates running at full speed in the opposite direction. Yes... even the butt ugly ones. Trust me, I speak from experience. All those questions I asked... I had to endure that from a guy I know through the net, whom I have never ever met before and was already talking about our parents meeting after a few days of sms-ing. *screams* I'm suffocating by just thinking about it! Now I have to figure out a way to make a graceful sprint in the opposite reaction.

No offence to all of you desperados out there but this is for your own good. Tone it down!! There's nothing that interests people more than a good ol' hard-to-get chase. Getting to know somebody is like knowing there's a juicy prize at the end of a long race but those who rush to get it might accidentally kick it further from reach.

It's the flirting that keeps people going. The playful banterings and the hints of better things to come will just keep people coming back for more. Ain't that right people?

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