Thursday, September 01, 2005

My 1st EBAY experience...

I've never been one to surf round for stuff in ebay since I'd rather go through the actual shopping experience. The smell of new clothes and things on sale, the feel of crisp new material and the rush that you get when you get an item which is a bargain is definitely an experience that you can never have enough of. But with all this highs there's always a downside. Like just now, I thought that I just bought myself a nice pair of sneakers which was a bargain when suddenly I saw another pair in another shop which was way better (branded too) and yet the price was pretty much the same. Oh what a blow! Til now I'm still reeling from the shock.

I guess that's the positive side of ebay. The chances of that happening is slim coz it all depends on the bidding. You bid low and you probably wont get the stuff. You bid high... well, you'll get the stuff but not at the price you might have hoped.

As for me, I saw a Nike bagpack which was cute and cheap (considering its a Nike, though there's doubts that it is a real Nike bag). I waited till the very last minute and VOILA! I got the bag! And at the lowest price possible too. For that I'm proud of myself.

Yeah... ebay is cool but I kinda miss the shopping experience and the fact that you can always wander round the mall... think about the sale and decide if you really want the item or not. With ebay you kinda lose that experience. Once you press bid it's a contract and like it or not you have to make that sale.

But anyways, my first ebay experience was cool but it'll probably be my last. I just hope that this bag is way worth my money. I hate not being able to see how it looks in real life.

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